"Plants grow and whither, salt sets, bodies deteriorate whilst human being stumbles ahead of itself – always one step behind." – Julie Bitsch

About the show

Through an elaborate installation of plaster and bronze imprints, human hair and nails, water, salt, ready-mades and infinite amounts of vacuum Danish artist Julie Bitsch explores the peculiar temporality of contemporary, globalized culture. With odd humor, acute material intelligence and elusive political annotations Bitsch creates an exhibition-event that plays out in the gap between the perpetual 'getting there' and simply being here. 

About the artist

Julie Bitsch (b. 1979) holds an MFA from the royal academy of Copenhagen (2010) and has exhibited her work in Europe, China and recently Cuba; Jet Lag will be Bitsch' first exhibition in the US.


Title: Jetlag

Artist: Julie Bitsch (DK)

Location: Little Berlin (annex space)

Opening Reception: April 23rd from 5 PM – 9 PM

Exhibition period: April 23 – May 6th 2016

Closing Reception: May 6th. from 5 PM – 9 PM

Opening hours: 
Saturdays and Sundays during the exhibition: 
+ by Appointment 828-226-6083 or Will.E.Owen@gmail.com

Links: www.littleberlin.orgwww.juliebitsch.com

Curated by: Will Owen